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Why You Should Enter The Real Estate Market

Gradually, you've set aside a portion of your income for your future happiness. As your bankroll has increased, you've considered potential investment opportunities. The stock market's volatile nature makes it less than ideal; you have witnessed that volatility courtesy of your 401K. Subsequently, diversifying, rather than placing all your investment eggs in a single basket, seems like a safer, long-term strategy.


As previously mentioned, the stock market is routinely subject to unpredictable outcomes. This financial rollercoaster magnifies other asset avenues such as crypto-currency. Consequently, spreading your resources out aids in minimizing each risk while simultaneously increasing overall stability.

Cash Flow

Rental properties provide a multifaceted opportunity to make money throughout the investment process. If the circumstances are optimized, an investor can pocket a monthly profit while simultaneously building equity, unlike other options, which may only yield a profit when sold.

Building Equity /Appreciation

Equity increases as an individual pays a mortgage, ideally via rental income. Correspondingly, equity can be advantageous to loans leading to additional investments. Properties increase in value over time. Modernizing and improving the home will make it attractive to potential buyers and increase the rental rate.

Inflation Hedge

Real estate, rental property specifically, is considered a hedge against inflation because, as inflation naturally occurs, rent values increase, minimizing the effects on landlords.

Positive Tax Implications

The costs incurred to manage or maintain a property can be used as a tax deduction. Potential deductions include standard upkeep and repairs; however, they may also expand to legal, management, and travel costs.

Multiple Family Properties

Duplexes and Triplexes represent a similar yet augmented approach to rental property. The benefit is the reduction in rent costs created. Aspiring investors often see these circumstances as a starting point, sometimes using one of the areas as a personal residence while renting the others to offset the mortgage cost or turn a profit.

Retirement & Family

Real Estate investment is a strategy that can pay off in the short and long term. You can build equity, maintain cash flow, and hedge against inflation. Rental properties can serve as a revenue /income outlet in retirement, and owners can transfer properties from generation to generation.

Now Let's Get Started!

Are you intrigued about the earning potential of investing in real estate?  Would you like to learn more about specific opportunities in Philadelphia and the process of becoming a landlord in the area?  The Somers team is available to answer your questions and make your real estate dreams a reality.

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