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8 Home Selling Tips to Go From Fair To Fab

Chris Somers

In 2003, Christopher Somers united forces with his wife Stephanie, a Philadelphia native, to engage in a real estate career...

In 2003, Christopher Somers united forces with his wife Stephanie, a Philadelphia native, to engage in a real estate career...

Jan 24 3 minutes read


    Ready to sell your home? Preparing your home for the market is an easy process with the Somers Team! Here are the steps to take to get your home in order to sell quickly and for the price you want.
  • De-clutter. To show the full potential of your home to buyers, de-cluttering is essential. Remove and store extra items and furniture, which can quickly crowd a room and make it appear smaller. This is also a great opportunity to re-evaluate your belongings, donate those old clothes, and get organized so that when you do eventually sell the house and move, you'll have less unwanted items to cart with you. Less is more when it comes to furniture, and your home will appear more spacious when you streamline its contents. We suggest having a game plan, and working room by room to de-clutter.
  • Clean. Now that you've de-cluttered the space, it's time to roll up your sleeves and make it sparkle! Give your home a full-on deep clean, paying extra attention to the details that buyers will be looking at. Start in each room by making a checklist, and don't forget areas such as the yard, deck, garage, and exterior of your home, which is the first and last thing buyers will see.
  • Hire The Somers! Our team has the passion, knowledge, and experience that it takes to sell your home quickly, with a fresh and innovative approach to real estate. We're here to make this process easier for you.
  • Consult and re-design. Your re-design is on us! We work with Henck Design to offer a complimentary re-design for all of our clients. Henck will re-imagine your home and existing furniture to create a space that feels inviting, spacious, and highlights the potential of each room.
  • Stage. The real estate market is competitive, and one of the ways to stand out and show your home's value is through staging. Staging can draw the eye away from flaws, and can play up your home's strengths. If your home is empty, staging can bring it to life and infuse it with warmth and personality.
  • Photography/Video. Now that your home is in the best shape possible, it's time for the spotlight. We bring in our photographer and video team to capture your property at its best, with stunning photos and a unique approach to video to help it stand out from the pack and on the web.
  • Market. Our winning approach to marketing sells your home faster. Your home will be featured on multiple sites and in targeted campaigns using photo, video, and engaging content to reach a large amount of potential buyers and our already built-in audience, instantly.
  • Sell. From fair to fab to sold, we're here to make it happen.
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