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4 Simple Steps to Take Your Home From Haunted to Hot

Stephanie Somers

Co-CEO of a successful 20+ person team, Stephanie Somers has been bringing her fierce loyalty, unrelenting work ethic, and constant pursuit of creativ...

Co-CEO of a successful 20+ person team, Stephanie Somers has been bringing her fierce loyalty, unrelenting work ethic, and constant pursuit of creativ...

Jan 24 5 minutes read

This Halloween, The Somers Team is giving away four magic potions that will be sure to conjure up higher sale prices for your listing in preparation for the spring market. 

If you have been thinking about selling, put these tips into action now and take your home from haunted to hot- just in time for the prime selling season!

Ghost Tip #1: A Ghost's Favorite Colors

I've never seen a ghost with a colored, patterned, or sponge-painted sheet over its head, and the same should hold true for your home's wall colors! If you are looking to give your home a fresh, up-to-date look in preparation for a Spring sale, painting your walls a white or light grey will instantly modernize its appearance. 

Many homeowners find that painting is one of the easier projects to tackle themselves, but I personally would opt to hire a painter. One way you can compromise is to paint the walls yourself, then hire a painter to complete the detail work (such as the ceiling and trim, which should always be a clean white color). 

Some of my favorite wall colors can be found at Benjamin Moore, but really any paint will due. Here are two of my favs:

Metropolitan (AF-690)
"A stylish gray with cool blue undertones, Metropolitan reflects the modern sophistication of 21st-century urban spaces."

Revere Pewter (HC-172)
"A light gray with warm undertones, this classic grey paint shade creates a unifying look that calms and restores. A great transitional color, it's perfect for an open floor."

Monster Tip #2: Shine Some Light on the Dark Side

Though monsters are more prone to lurk in the shadows, that should not be the case for your home. Rooms that feature unique or modern light fixtures will catapult your home from creepy to couture. Updating your ceiling lights, kitchen lights, and bathroom fixtures makes a huge impact, and is an inexpensive project you can take on during the winter months.

If you have a dull or dim bathroom, kitchen, hallway, or bedroom, or currently have builder-grade button lights installed, try for a bolder look. 

Some of my favorite places to shop for lighting are Ikea and Lowes. Below are a couple of light fixtures that really make a statement:

"This Pendant Double lamp gives a pleasant atmosphere for dining and spreading direct light across your dining or bar table."
Kichler Lighting Barrington
"Distressed black and wood chandelier from the Barrington collection offers a touch of rustic elegance."

Zombie Tip #3: Tattered and Torn, Stained and Worn

The undead look is fine for a zombie, but not for your home furnishings, pillows, and bedding. Throw out your torn and tattered stuff: Craigslist and LetGo can help you with some of that. If they're especially bad, the curb may be the final resting place for that blanket you've had since college (or your oh-so-lovingly cat scratched ottoman). It's time to say R.I.P. to the things that make your home look less than alive.

You can replace old items, or simply embrace the "less is more" philosophy. If replacement is necessary, my two go-to places are HomeGoods and Target. They have everything, and for cheap!

A neat and well-maintained home is a real selling point. Fact: If bitten by a zombie, it takes only 8 seconds for you to become the walking dead. It also takes only 8 seconds for a prospective buyer to decide whether to buy or fly upon entering your home.

Vampire Tip #4: Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

It's a well-known fact that vampires do not see their reflections in the mirror. That is no excuse not to use 1 or 2 well-placed mirrors in any room you want to look bigger.

My personal preferences for mirror placement include narrow living and dining rooms, as well as hallways. There are so many places to use mirrors, but don't go overboard. We don't want your home to look like this!

Older and original mirrors found at garage sales, flea markets, and antique stores are not only fun to seek out, they are often inexpensive and full of character. Remember, character sells when it comes to real estate!

With the Spring market ahead and Halloween just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your home improvement strategy. With these tips in mind, you'll definitely be ready to sell your home in 2017

If you need more of a hands-on us and we'll send one of the Somers Team Spirits to your home to exorcise any haunting design missteps!

More Spells That Sell

For more tips that are sure to boost your bottom line in 2017, give us a call!

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