Skye Jansen

Skye is passionate, hardworking, and determined in every aspect of her life. She has worked in every aspect of the real estate industry, including sales, leasing, property management, and development. Her niche of real estate is working with developers to acquire properties, utilizing her company SkyeLine LLC to secure building and zoning permits for her clients, and working hard to sell developer projects!

Skye became a realtor in 2016, initially as a birthday present to herself. Real estate led her in many different directions, but she always landed back with sales, helping developers, and working with first-time home buyers. It's safe to say that these are her true callings.

Skye grew up in Northern LIberties and knows it like the back of her hand. Her real esate knowledge developed in Brewerytown, where she has helped many people buy and developer. She is also beginning to take an interest in South Philly.

Skye works HARD for her clients. When she does a deal, she acts as if your money is her money. If she personally wouldn't spend money on a property, she will advise her clients not to spend their money on it either.

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