It's a Revival in East Kensington! The Parish House is the newest Renovation in progress located in East Kensington. This huge old rectory is experiencing its own personal Revival in the hands of… No, not God. Not the Pope, either! It's being lovingly reworked by Toner Architects and Red Oak Development, who individually and as a duo have plenty of experience with historic renovations and luxury new construction. We believe they are a perfect match and we are excited to keep up with the progress.

Plans for this large rectory include 5 jaw-dropping single family residential homes. I know "thou shalt not covet" but I confess, I am envious of the 5 new owners that get to live in these homes! This is one of the more unique projects we have seen in a long time. The developer will salvage some of the original materials found inside the old rectory and will repurpose them to be used in some creative way inside each of the three-story homes.

When will these properties hit the market? What will the floor plans look like? What will the sales prices be? So many questions to ponder! More info is sure to come. We'll keep you posted!