On a fairly balmy afternoon in late November (you know, the month where it's usually freezing cold), I was out driving, windows down, the sweet sound of Corrine Bailey Rae serenading me through the speakers, on a mission for something good to eat between showing properties to my clients. Then it hit me! 

It was the smell of someone putting in some major work in the kitchen. I pulled over in front of Tom's Corner Grill and went in! To no surprise, the first thing I heard was the clinking and clanking of commercial grade spatulas chopping up on a large open grill. While I waited, I watched the pickup football game (probably between neighborhood buddies) on Abraham Lincoln High School's field, which is right across the street from Tom's place. 

The food came out and was absolutely delicious! I ordered the deluxe burger, which comes with fries and a small side salad. It's on every menu, in every pizza shop. The difference here is the attention and love put into this burger. To begin, the burger was massive, and to crown that, it was on a huge toasted bun! The extra crispy fries went well with the side of coleslaw (which I actually ate)!


Tom's Corner 🍔 food experience a solid 7 out of 10 👍

Tom's ranks a thumbs up, and only hit the pocket at $8 for a full lunch with a bottled beverage. And if you are like me, home is where the food is. The 19136 zip code offers more than simply food, of course. This neighborhood also offers a nice slice of Mayfair's version of American Pie on the home front. 

3 bed/1 bath townhomes 🏠 Sold in the last 90 days in 19136 

* TREND 11-29-2016

All-in-all, if you are in the Northeast and want a good ole lunch platter, stop into Tom's Corner and get the deluxe burger. And if you are intrigued about Mayfair and are looking to sell, buy, rent, invest, or just get the inside scoop on a good local burger in 19136? 

Let's talk 🤓