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Theresa Hawley

Theresa Hawley

Transaction Manager & Realtor

A go-getter with high energy and an uncanny ability to multitask, Theresa is truly the heart and soul of the Somers Team. While working toward her degree from Temple University, Theresa was simultaneously behind the scenes managing and coordinating the hundreds of transactions the Somers Team completes each year while also helping to manage the day-to-day organization of the team.

Theresa was very knowledgeable about the real estate industry prior to even having her license. Now that she has earned both that license and her degree in Finance and Real Estate, she is able to put that knowledge to use by helping clients personally. 

Theresa resides in the Fishtown area, enabling her to specialize in and provide extra knowledge about the neighborhood to her clients. She takes pride in her work and strives to always be delivering improved service and better results to her clients.