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Darrell James

Darrell James


"To know where you are going, you have to know where you are."

-wise proverb-

 I rode as an EMT on a private transport ambulance thinking to myself, "where do I want to go in life?" It has always been a pleasure of mine to help people, and the question I was seeking answers to was where and how could I help people the most. That thought took me from being an EMT to applying to serve and protect the citizens of this great city of Philadelphia with the Transit Police Department. Knowing the city and its available resources are just a few of the skills I have acquired on this journey, but knowing people is my favorite one. 

From finding you the home you will rent for a year or two, to closing on the purchase  of your first home, I will be there along the way to do what I have been doing my entire career and life; helping people. Getting to know the people that will stand as pillars in different communities is priceless.

My personal interests:

Watching my children learn life and its workings, fishing, photography,and cooking